Pajama Painting Party with Lipstick Alley Inc. (DEBUT SHOW), The Worries, Miss Michigan, The Arm, Supergirl

at Churchill's Pub

Time: 9:00pm     Day: Friday     Doors: 8:00pm     Ages: 18+ Ages    
This Event Has Ended


Wtf is it?????????????????????

It's a party where everyone wears pajamas/underwear and paints, duh!

Oh and all the bands performing will be in their jammies/undies too!!!


Lipstick Alley Inc. (DEBUT SHOW)
The Worries
Miss Michigan
The Arm

The painting will take place throughout the night on the main stage side wall (from the right of the UK flag all the way down the wall)
Anyone can come and paint, tag, stencil, wheat-paste. PLEASE NO SPRAY PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There will supplies and paint available , if you'd like to bring your own, you are more than welcome. There is only one rule... YOU MUST BE IN YOUR JAMMIES/UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you try and paint without doing this I will personally shame you for being lame in front of everyone then tell you to fuck off after I have everyone throw paint at you😸

You don't have to be in your jammies/underwear to come to the event, only to paint, people painting will get dirty, very dirty, so wear something that is worth getting paint all over.

So get your jammies on and come leave your artistic mark on Churchill's🖌👅


This is a NO COVER EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At Churchill's Pub